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The survival of the survivor

When the heat is on wear more sunblock

Emily kept coming up for air to breathe. She felt she was drowning. She was being pulled down by an unknown force to the bottom of water. But every time that happened she mustered all her strength and came up for air.

Emily had been feeling this feeling for a few months now. And she wondered how long it would last. She wondered when this would stop. This is not what she had envisioned for herself. At least not expected for it to last this long. When she would be able to breathe freely? Where was the end of the tunnel which promised to give her light? Or had she missed the end of the tunnel and her eyes could no longer see the bright. Or was she a victim of sever austerity and the lights were off

She was not about to give up. She had promised herself that every time she felt that, she would come up for the one more breath of air and then another and then another and then she survived

Emily was not taught to give up. She did not know how that worked. She had lived her life with her share of times where strength was tested. This was just another

Every time she came to a stage where she thought she had given it her all, it seemed there was a known bank of energy supply which apparently seemed unlimited. She dipped into it for a withdrawal and moved on. This was the living gift of her parents

Her courage and strength was her survival instinct at such moments

This was the feeling felt by Emily. Or then really was it unique to her??


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