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10th May 2014_walk (67)

Discover yourself and stay true!!

One timeless activity we all humour ourselves is in self-validation. The paradox of the situation is not as much as the disquiet residual outcome of it

Even when we look at ourselves with multidimensional lenses, the most relevant one seems to be handed over to someone who is “non you” and often a “non close” entity. People don’t live in our head or mind; don’t live our lives, then why is it that we hand the lens over to another. And berate and beat up ourselves with an opinion of what we think they may have of us. Every action we take, is preceded with a singular thought; what others may think of us

Sometimes this leads to a complex situation when, someone convinces us that we are a bad person. When the reality could not be further away. We then start to believe that we are bad! So we end up doing things we think a good person would be doing. And not actually doing what we really feel like doing. Here starts the journey of unhappiness with the first sign of dissatisfaction. Little by little, incident by incident we become someone who may still be nice but is just not us! We start living someone else’s perception. We become a reality of someone else’s perception

If you believe in something don’t let anyone take it away from you don’t let anyone put you down about it. Follow your dream until you have achieved it

In the end that’s all that matters!


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