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Every morning when we wake up, for most of us a thought crosses our mind. What’s the day going to be like? What are we going to do today and what’s the plan? My plan today was simple. Simple, but not easy. I was going to execute a decision which I had been contemplating for over a month now. The today was intended to be not so ordinary. And the things were not so pretty things or happy. Even though we all have an idea or perception of how the day will pan out, the reality often that we face is totally different. Premonition of reality is just a delusion. Well mostly. As today was one such day

I did nothing that I envisaged. Did not clear the clutter from my life and yet the day was, as one could call it a smile. There was nothing was special or out of ordinary that prevented my decision nor anything extraordinary. And yet it was day… a smile. A smile that lingers on your lips when you lie in the darkness and bid goodnight to the world.  You know it’s a nice day when you go to sleep peacefully. With a clear head and nothing to worry about

And just as I do that, I flashback on the day that in this moment becomes the day that was. It becomes a yesterday

So my yesterday was spent with the usual platitudinous work. Along with that getting some good news and going totally crazy sharing some giggles with a cousin and some laughs with a colleague turned friend. Being a Wednesday making a plan, as always for some chicken biryani with another. Though that plan didn’t work out a movie called masaan did get my evening. A movie which seemed like a snippet straight out of someone’s life. It was a simple movie with some painful moments, some moments which put a slight ache in your heart. The movie depicted how even a stranger capitalizes on another’s fear. The more one fears someone or something, the more one gets pushed into a corner. How it all sounds like a story of so many life’s! Mine most certainly, well at least at this point. And sometimes there is no redemption for the supressee as in this movie. But the subtlety in which Motwane and  Kashyap have shown the possibility of life coming a full circle for the suppressor is commendable

But in all, it was a movie with hope. Hope that even when all is lost it actually is not. It was a movie which showed that there is light at the end of the tunnel even in adversity. It brings with it the possibility of hope even when all it lost. And moving on when all is lost. It’s sometimes important to lose to gain and that’s the step. A start. It sometimes seems like a juxtaposed situation but then all we need to do is wait for the hindsight vision to come into focus. That clears all illusions

Hope is a big thing and so is moving on. And that’s the headline. And that’s how it all ends. Well at least the day that was. Yesterday today

The future is better than the past


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