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When Shakespeare wrote the scene of Romeo and Juliet meeting and penned- What’s in a name, he encapsulated the entire theme of the play. I wonder if he knew it would be used with multiple connotations across generations and still never feel overdone. Having said that, is name really all so important?  That question brings to mind an incident that occurred over a decade back. My manager- then VP, a colleague and I were preparing for a client visit. My colleague from operations and me being from training and quality were amalgamating it. We had already spent hours gathering the data. Somewhere in the middle of all this and also being middle of the night my VP came and asked us to create all together a new file. Crtl S, is something I am very diligent about. So when the need came to save the file- it bought along with it what was like a moment of truth- my colleague and I could not think of a name and starting stumbling for it. At this my VP grabbed the keyboard (yes laptops then were a privilege for reserved few and I wish it had stayed that way, however that discussion is for another time) and saved the file calling it “#*@% all”. Yes seriously, that’s what he called it! Flabbergasted as I was, his simple explanation was “why break the chain of thought”. He did not want to break the flow of thought and number churning and rational behind the numbers that was a free flow at that moment. And that is so true. We give the name so much importance that we sometimes forget the meat in it or simple are unable to start.

Over a decade after the incident and the lesson still stays with me. So when came the time to initiate this blog- I needed a title for it. A name, that would resonate in the mind as well as encompass the entire gamut of ideas that would hopefully flow onto this virtual paper, with the passage of time. And, thus I kept it as easy and applicable as possible. I did not want a complicated name, which would get few to visit “dictionary.com”. That’s not the intent here. The purpose is to know what you are going to get here. So not fretting on the name / title. And thus keeping it simple is “My multiple minds”. The rationale behind it being- the entries in this blog are going to be a range from of eLearning to training- online, ILT and blended , to learning and organizational development, personal experience, fretting, venting, happy moments  and who knows what else. So here I am presenting what is going to be concoction on my multiple minds


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