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For over a year initiating this blog has been the agenda.  Multiple ideas and concepts have been competing for the first spot. Unfortunately, there have been more reasons for procrastination rather than implementation.  The premise for this is coming from the question- what can I write that has not already been written? The phrase “All that needed to be invented has already been invented” comes to my mind. Though that hardly holds true in today’s dynamic world of technology, which is something I will come to in a bit. So I am going to make an attempt to see what new melody I can give to the existing tunes

eLearning has become my new found love. By the virtue of this technology also has cozied itself to me.  For some who may ask- eLearning has been around for over a decade in India, what’s so special and different no? Simple- it is finally gaining its stability and due or just that I needed the nudge towards it. So here I am trying my hand at blogging about my new love

A couple of days back a friend of mine tweeted that The Digital Learning Day is coming! Which falls on 5th of February.  This encouraged and also gave me a deadline in my head to start and finish this piece. So here I am trying a new tune and hoping to have it posted at least in the month of DLD

So coming back to the topic in hand- tweaking what Yogi Berra, a baseball player said “The future of learning is not what it used to be”. Training has changed face from what it used to be to what it is today. This is primarily with the explosion of technology in the space of learning. So let’s take a quick step back and look at the large spectrum

When I started my career in training (which is over a decade and a little over) all that existed for learning was what we today call as “the traditional way of training”, online and eLearning was as good as a ghost and lived in our unconscious consciousness. This is when training was not a department in itself but just a part of Human Resources or even operations teams sometimes

Today when we look at it from a panoramic view we see a change in modality of trainings, measurement of training and the space learning and organizational development is currently in

I am not going to draw into a parallel universe of technology transition and keep it non metaphorical. For the past and today I will be keeping the focus on modality of training, measurement and the current reality of a learning and organization impact

The future that was…

That epoch of training was when it revolved around a face to face modality and restricted primarily to product and process, with the sporadic addition of induction programs. This often involved in house SME’s, which could either be from the training team or even someone from HR. The notion of outsourcing training was not heard of, as was the missing consulting companies as we have in plenty today  

The measurement of training was measuring learner reaction pushing it to learning measurement. Questions addressed through an assessment; so we looked at knowledge measurement however when it came to application of knowledge or knowledge impact it was zilch, nada. So the question organizational impact did not exist then

Thus measurement was restricted to second level of Kirkpatrick module 

This however changed as time progressed. With the budget constraints that started to come about in the changing face of world economy, the first to feel the axe was learning and development. Not for any other reason but for the fact that the value was not exhibited in numbers. The impact to bottom line was missing. Thus started the journey with the question- What’s the benefit to the organization?

Here the learning and development saw a transition to measuring ROI through business and organizational impact. The minute this happened the modality of training got complex and we see….

 The future that is…

A 2012 research presented, stated that the corporate eLearning industry was at $56 billion. India has a minuscule contribution towards this number. This is besides the fact that from the top ten countries growing in eLearning- half of them are Asian countries

The modality of training moved from classroom to online. Everything was “e”. This encompassed various aspects that started getting imbibed. To name few- we have videos, eBooks, audio books, podcasts, eCourses etcetera. For implementing all this is the backbone of technology (and that’s the reason technology has cozied up with learning individuals)    

Hence it is easy to say that training and technology have transitioned together and that the future just may or may not be as we envision it today

The ROI as we talk today is no longer restricted. The age old magic measurement was created by Donald Kirkpatrick. This encompassed four levels of measurement. The fifth level to this was incorporated by Jack Phillips, where the monetary benefits and overall cost gets measured. This level of evaluation asks for it due credit in todays extended ways of measurement  


To conclude all I focused on was training and learning at this point, however the reach of eLearning and technology goes way beyond. We can see this when we see today Mark Zuckerberg pay as high as 19 billion dollars to unite with WhatsApp



What’s in my blog title?   Leave a comment

When Shakespeare wrote the scene of Romeo and Juliet meeting and penned- What’s in a name, he encapsulated the entire theme of the play. I wonder if he knew it would be used with multiple connotations across generations and still never feel overdone. Having said that, is name really all so important?  That question brings to mind an incident that occurred over a decade back. My manager- then VP, a colleague and I were preparing for a client visit. My colleague from operations and me being from training and quality were amalgamating it. We had already spent hours gathering the data. Somewhere in the middle of all this and also being middle of the night my VP came and asked us to create all together a new file. Crtl S, is something I am very diligent about. So when the need came to save the file- it bought along with it what was like a moment of truth- my colleague and I could not think of a name and starting stumbling for it. At this my VP grabbed the keyboard (yes laptops then were a privilege for reserved few and I wish it had stayed that way, however that discussion is for another time) and saved the file calling it “#*@% all”. Yes seriously, that’s what he called it! Flabbergasted as I was, his simple explanation was “why break the chain of thought”. He did not want to break the flow of thought and number churning and rational behind the numbers that was a free flow at that moment. And that is so true. We give the name so much importance that we sometimes forget the meat in it or simple are unable to start.

Over a decade after the incident and the lesson still stays with me. So when came the time to initiate this blog- I needed a title for it. A name, that would resonate in the mind as well as encompass the entire gamut of ideas that would hopefully flow onto this virtual paper, with the passage of time. And, thus I kept it as easy and applicable as possible. I did not want a complicated name, which would get few to visit “”. That’s not the intent here. The purpose is to know what you are going to get here. So not fretting on the name / title. And thus keeping it simple is “My multiple minds”. The rationale behind it being- the entries in this blog are going to be a range from of eLearning to training- online, ILT and blended , to learning and organizational development, personal experience, fretting, venting, happy moments  and who knows what else. So here I am presenting what is going to be concoction on my multiple minds

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